Large Woodblock prints and limited editions

Artist Statement


My work explores the confluence of cultures through the introduction of colonialism. By combining symbols from Christian, Islamic, and Taíno cultures, I investigate my personal heritage and the history of subjugation behind each of these groups. The lasting mark of these forced integrations has created social hierarchies, capitalism and other concepts entwined in contemporary culture today.

Found materials are an important part of my process. Using large sheets of wood, I carve into the material to create imagery from an ‘impure’ and contaminating post-colonial experience. Its raw, immediate and unavoidable presence closely mimics this idea.

Jacoub Reyes is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Orlando, Florida. He has been featured in several publications such as The American Institute of Graphic Arts, Centric, and Artborne Magazine. A recipient of the Southern Graphics International grant award, J.R. Hopes scholarship, Master Scrounge Printer award by Ke Francis and other accolades.